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What is the Plan?

This Plan provides an integrated framework for improving the sustainability of management of natural resources in the Condamine catchment.

It achieves this by: 

  • Reviewing the current state of natural resources in the catchment, with consideration of socio-economic impacts
  • Identifying and prioritising the issues 
  • Identifying the underlying processes causing the issues 
  • Ensuring stakeholder engagement in the Plan’s development and future involvement in its implementation 
  • Identifying opportunities for better management of the issues 
  • Establishing a structure of targets and actions to guide the catchment community to better NRM outcomes for the future
  • Providing a basis for strategic regional investment to guide future investment priorities for a range of NRM stakeholders 
  • Establishing a framework for assessment and review of the NRM plan, investment  priorities and their outcomes
  • Providing a living reference for catchment stakeholders to use as a compass: guiding collective action and regularly updated to keep us all on track

The Plan integrates people, water, land, wildlife and air conservation themes with a series of overarching principles to provide an integrated and inclusive approach to managing the catchment. It encourages all stakeholders across the catchment to work together to achieve a more sustainable and profitable future and to set a precedent for future generations to do the same.

Why update the Plan?

The Plan is intended to be a living document that is updated as required over time as new information becomes available and progress is made. This will allow for more rapid response to emerging issues and will maintain the currency and relevance of the Plan for the catchment community.

The first Condamine Catchment Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan (the Plan) was released in 2005 to support the joint initiative of the Australian and Queensland Governments to repair and conserve the natural environment and ensure the sustainable use of the nation’s natural resources.

Over time, changes to the population and land uses in the catchment, new technologies and methods, and achievement of shorter term targets require that the Plan be reviewed and updated to maintain its relevance.

This Plan is the third edition, developed as a result of a review of the second version of the Plan (2010). The ongoing review and development of the Plan is based on a continuous improvement process, which provides optimal natural resource management direction for the catchment over the years to come.

To allow the Plan to more quickly adapt to changes in the catchment and to reach more of the catchment community, it has been developed into this website where new information can be incorporated easily section by section and be immediately accessible without incuring the significant costs of printing and postage with every update.

Condamine Alliance, a community based regional natural resource management organisation, coordinated the review and development of this edition of the Plan. This involved an extensive consultation process with a wide range of stakeholders in order to develop the targets within this Plan in a scientifically rigorous manner. The Plan will be achieved through a mix of collective and individual action by a range of relevant organisations, groups and individuals associated with the catchment. It is owned by the catchment's stakeholders, with Condamine Alliance acting as its custodian.